Rainforest Regime New Lifestyle Functional Fitness – Instant White Coffee

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Green coffee and tea contains naturally occurring antioxidants namely, Chlorogenic acid and Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG) while white beans, the “starch blockers”, can prevent alpha-amylase (an enzyme in the body) from breaking down carbohydrates into glucose (sugar) leaving behind less glucose for the body to turn into fat. Precisely the ideal combination to keep you fit and your weight under check.

绿咖啡和茶含有天然抗氧化剂,即绿原酸和表没食子儿茶素没食子酸酯(EGCG),而白豆,即“淀粉阻滞剂”,可以防止α-淀粉酶(体内的一种酶)将碳水化合物分解成葡萄糖(糖), 身体较少的葡萄糖为身体转化为脂肪。 正是理想的组合,让您保持健康和体重。